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Meg is an award winning fiction writer specializing in mysteries and suspense.

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Hi! I'm Meg and this is my webpage. On this site you can find information about my latest works and how to contact me.

News and Highlights

LONG OVERDUE UPDATE: I haven't kept up my website in a long time. I haven't written a "strictly" mystery short story in quite a while either. I've been writing under my other pen name, Meghan Maslow, where I write gay comic fantasy romance (with lots of crime elements, of course, lol). Whew, that was a mouthful to say. But these last two years have been a blast.


While I know many writers like to stick with particular genres, fantasy, romance, and mystery & suspense have always been a part of my reading list. I came into mystery & suspense first because I LOVE me a dead body or two. But I've also been a huge fan of comic fantasy -- ever since I picked up my first Robert Asprin book as a tween. And I enjoy a good romance too -- as long as it has mischief (comedy), magic (fantasy), or murder (mystery & suspense), and preferrably all 3. I've somehow managed to cobble a respectable career out of this odd miasma of inspiration. Lol. I still plan to write under Meg Opperman -- I have a couple of short stories in rough draft form, I just need the time to finish them. I don't seem to find the time. But I promise, I will. Eventually. 


I'm still active on the MWA-MA Board and I still attend SinC events when I'm able. I love my mystery & suspense commnity and that definitely won't change no matter how much my publishing schedule skews toward my other pen name. I'm hoping to submit to the newest Chessie Crimes call since I'd get to play with magic and murder, but we'll see if my publishing schedule allows for it. Thanks for reading my update, and feel free to check out my Meghan Maslow website (www.meghanmaslow.com) if you feel so inclined. Xoxo  

Artwork by the talented Jason C. Eckhardt!

An oldie but a goodie. The art for my story, "Twilight Ladies" (published in EQMM) is still one of my favorite pieces. This story meant the world to me. It won a Best Short Story Derringer Award. I pulled it off my shelf recently and reread it. Several years later and I still feel proud that I wrote it. I discussed it in more length on EQMM's Something's Going to Happen blog.