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Meg is an award winning fiction writer specializing in mysteries and suspense.

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Hi! I'm Meg and this is my webpage. On this site you can find information about my latest works and how to contact me.


"Murder Under the Baobab" is a Derringer Award Finalist! 

I'm thrilled to announce that my short story, "Murder Under the Baobab" is a finalist for a Best Long Story Derringer Award. The list of finalists is amazing this year and the stories are so, so good. I also love the fact that so many finalists are folks I consider friends. Good luck to all the nominees!


Also, once again a special thank you goes out to Janet Hutchings and all of the EQMM family for believing in this story. 




"Surf's Up" in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, #21 is now available!

My new story is published in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, #21. I'm so excited to see my name on the cover.


I wanted to challenge myself to write a shorter piece. While not quite flash (since it's just over 1,000 words), it is to date my shortest piece.


The story of what happens when a determined teenager surfs where a group of elderly bullies control the beach.


Now available at Wildside Press or on Amazon.




"Murder Under the BaoBab" is published in EQMM

Murder Under the Baobab is published in the the November 2016 edition of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.


Police Constables Kokuteta Mkama and Jamhuri Lubadsa are back! P.C. Jamhuri Lubadsa tells the tale of a bank robber who turned himself into a goat with witchcraft, and is now residing in the police outpost’s holding cells. P.C. Lubadsa is not a believer in mystical occurrences, but he does believe that someone managed to make the bank’s 100 million shillings disappear. The question is how.




Twilight Ladies wins the Derringer!

I love the mystery writing community. I woke up on March 31st to discover my inbox lit up like a Christmas tree. It was filled with congratulations for winning the Derringer Award. I really love this story, so the fact that others enjoyed it so much means the world to me. Thank you to all those who read and enjoyed it. Thank you to my brilliant writing group who said this one was something special. Thank you to Janet Hutchings and all the rest of the Ellery Queen family for getting this story in the hands of readers. I'm grateful and humbled. 



"Twilight Ladies" nominated for a Derringer Award!

Artwork by the talented Jason C. Eckhardt!

I'm thrilled to announce that my short story, "Twilight Ladies" has been nominated for a Best Short Story Derringer Award. The list of nominees is fantastic and I feel so fortunate to be included in such esteemed company. Good luck to all the nominees!


Also, special thanks to Janet Hutchings and all of the EQMM family for believing in this story. I couldn't have done it without you all!




Kudos for "The Discovery"

So excited that my story, "The Discovery" (in SHMM #18) made Robert Lopresti's Best of 2015 list at Sleuthsayers. I'm a big fan of Mr. Lopresti's work, so this made my day. Such an honor. 





Something Is Going To Happen: EQMM Guest Blog Post

I was honored to be asked by Janet Hutchings to write a post for EQMM's "Something is Going to Happen" blog. I wrote a piece called, "Communicating the Unfamiliar: Writing the Underbelly in Africa." It's a thought piece about how it's challenging to write crime stories set in Tanzania when so few Americans are knowledgeable about Tanzania/Africa. When Michael Connelly talks about the underbelly in LA, for example, readers usually have enough personal context to recognize that not all people are like the ones he portrays in his stories. But most of us lack the personal context when it comes to Tanzania or Africa more generally. This can be problematic since I don't want to imply that ALL Tanzanians are (fill in the blank).






"The Discovery" in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, #18 is now available!

So pleased to announce the "The Discovery" is finally out! This one is a personal fave and has been in the queue a long time, so it's exciting to have it in print. Now available from Wildside Press or at Amazon.


Celeste meets American scholar Robert Carson and after a quick courtship, marries and moves to the U.S. where she discovers that not all that glitters is gold.





"Twilight Ladies" in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, March/April 2015 now available!

I'm thrilled to announce that The Twilight Ladies is available in EQMM! Check your local bookstores! Better yet, do you have a subscription? If not, and if you love a good mystery short story, I highly recommend you look into a yearly subscription. You won't be sorry!


Police Constable Kokuteta Mkama is summoned to her commander's office to document a rash of muggings in Mwanza, Tanzania by a mysterious young woman -- a twilight lady. Sifting through the clues, P.C. Mkama discovers that what at first seems to be random robberies of rich men has a distinct purpose. A purpose that she must decide whether to conceal or reveal.




"Playing for Keeps" in SHMM, Issue 14 now available!

Playing for Keeps is out! Yay, I'm even on the cover! SHMM issue 14 is now available at Wildside Press or at Amazon


Albino Lucky Kajage, a once-celebrated Tanzanian guitarist, now finds his career hitting its lowest note. All that changes on a scorching January day in Dar es Salaam, when Lucky is offered a golden opportunity that could recapture his former glory. But events soon strike a discordant key, as Lucky finds himself ensnared in a deadly plot that may cost him his life.


Playing for Keeps is a chilling suspense tale that draws upon my long experience as a cultural anthropologist and East African specialist. Tanzania’s unique cultural context provides a fascinating backdrop for exploring universal themes of friendship, betrayal, and greed.


"Monster Party"in Chesapeake Crimes: Homocidal Holidays is Available!

I'm honored to have a story included in the latest volume of CHESAPEAKE CRIMES. The theme for this volume is HOMICIDAL HOLIDAYS and includes stories by Barb Goffman, Rosemary and Larry Mild, E.B. Davis, Shaun Taylor Bevins, Cathy Wiley, Art Taylor, Shari Randall, Carla Coupe, Timothy Bentler-Jungr, Linda Lombardi, Debbi Mack, Clyde Linsley, Donna Andrews, and yours truly. This is the best volume yet (and yes, I might be a little biased)! Now Available at Wildside Press or Amazon.


Jeanie loves her kids and her holidays, but a family friend seems determined to ruin her perfect parties. What's a girl to do?





"Just the Facts" published in The Second Mystery Megapack from Wildside Press



My new story is now published in The Second Mystery Megapack from Wildside Press. This is the first short story I ever wrote (not including my middle school musings). Now available at Wildside Press or Amazon.

Mike Blontine is a PI caught in an unusual predicament. He's been tailing the wife of a client, and when she's been accused of murder he knows she couldn't have done it. DNA evidence says otherwise, as does his client, but Mike isn't content to let an innocent woman go to jail and decides he'd better track down the real killer.