My Current Project

I enjoyed writing The Wrath of Stan so much that I've written a first draft of a novel with my favorite geek vampire. Tentatively called, The Search for Stan, the story picks up where the short story left off.


Stanley works the night shift as an IT consultant for Techie Team, a company that fixes computers, installs and upgrades servers, tightens Internet security, provides cloud services, etc. Lately, he seems to spend an increasing amount of time at Paradise manor, a ritzy retirement condo in Friendship Heights, fixing old ladies' computers and fighting off their advances. As he says, "Mesmerism is way overrated."


He just wants to be left in peace, but troubles with an old enemy, an old flame in danger, a new enemy on the scene, a neighbor who's determined they will be friends, a colleague who's convinced Stan is secret service and wants to be his wingman, a new boss that doesn't like him, and several attempted stakings are just a few of the problems he's confronted with during the Christmas season.


Stan is a joy to write -- I almost feel guilty because most days it doesn't even feel like work. I can't wait to have a finished draft to send out!